March 23, Day 7 of Shelter in Place

Food has become more of a challenge. Both my husband and daughter work for companies that provide free gourmet meals at their on-campus cafes. They have both enjoyed eating there Monday through Friday making my twice-weekly grocery shopping fairly minimal. But now with three of us at home, all…the…time, I need to buy a lot more food than I have previously.

This morning I went to my local Grocery Outlet. There were a few bare shelves (no fresh poultry, little fresh meat), but more fresh fruit and veggies. The store wasn’t crowded and everyone was buying with restraint except for one lady. I wish I could have discretely taken a photo. Her cart was so overloaded she could barely steer it. At one point she actually ran into me. Now in all fairness she could have been buying for more than herself, perhaps for other family members or neighbors, but still she was wiping out whole sections of canned goods. Not cool.

Empty shelves, but plenty of salsa!

My goal was to buy enough so I don’t have to go out again for a week. I bought some things I normally don’t buy because that was what was available…like ham hocks. (I mean how often do you buy ham hocks?!) Figured I could use these for making bean soup.

I also bought cans of green beans, just because. Frozen beet wedges for roasting. (My husband loves beets.) Three packages of spaghetti. Italian turkey sausage. I also got normal things like oranges, bananas and bread. I think I got enough for the week!

Local hospitals are now asking for donations of various medical supplies that are in short supply. I worry about all the medical staff worldwide–both for their physical and mental health. Some of these folks may come out of this experience with PTSD given some of the live and death choices they are making and the horrific work conditions.

A potential Etsy customer emailed to ask if I was still fulfilling orders. Indeed I am! Still adding “new” products too. I listed these sweet vintage Chinese dishes. I bought them on Coronado Island (off San Diego) at a boutique thrift store over three years ago and have been enjoying them ever since. Finally decided I could let them go.

Day seven done. Two more weeks to go…if they don’t increase the length of the shelter-in-place order which I believe could well happen.


  1. Very nice bowls!
    I also had some antique Asian bowls but in the end I let them go… and just packed some antique books… But we can’t keep everything … after enjoying them for a while, it’s time to share the love 😉
    Shelter-in-place officially started in the uk today
    All the best and keep safe!

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    1. Thanks Gabriella! I love these Chinese bowls, but you’re so right…we can’t keep everything.

      Hope shelter in place goes well for you. (Maybe a good time to knit?) Some people here in California take it seriously and others don’t! So scary as hospitals fill up.

      Stay safe,

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