March 24, Day 8 of Shelter in Place

Tuesday morning and there’s a hint of sun before the rain starts this afternoon. Decided today needs to be a day of gratitude. (Really every day should be!) No getting annoyed over small stuff. No worrying about the big stuff. No stressing about the future. Just focusing on blessings, all that is positive and being content. Good plan!

So I puttered around the house. Doing this and that like a normal day and I realized how grateful I was for our house. It isn’t anything special. No architectural masterpiece. No dream house. Just a modest 1940s dwelling that has been added onto and remodeled so much over the decades that, were the original owners to see it now, they wouldn’t recognize it.

We’ve lived here so long the mortgage is paid off, though lately she (yes I think of our house as a she) has needed many cash infusions to deal with tedious things like termite damage, a leaking skylight and a broken sewer line. (The movie “Money Pit” comes to mind!)

Still. Still it’s home. Comfortable. Full of memories. Chock a block with interesting things. And it has always felt like a sanctuary from the world to me…now a very literal one! I am content living here. (Is it the same for you in your home?)

Here are the two picture rails in our living room where I rotate pieces of art. The two wood-cuts are by Irving Amen and the landscape is by plein air artist and friend Kevin Courter.

And I am also soooooo grateful for the internet. (Aren’t we all?!!) It’s so wonderful to be able to keep virtually connected with folks and of course conduct little online hunting forays for vintage bargains. Today I focused on religious items like icons and crosses and made a bid on this replica Byzantine icon with a front rendered in 950 silver.

Isn’t it a beauty?

These are not uncommon, and sold prices are all over the place, but I should be able to make a reasonable profit.

I will admit online hunting is not as exciting as hunting in person and it usually means “paying up” for items, but I still I’m finding pleasing things that I think have meat on the bone. And it makes life feel more normal. Less like we are all living under the coronavirus sword of Damocles.

My one annoyance today, which I was able to easily shake off, was a cheeky offer of $100 on a $600 painting. Yikes! While my price leaves room for negotiation, I’m not going to respond to her as we are MILES apart on this. Plus she bypassed the Make Offer feature and sent me the offer in a comment, thus not committing to buying it anyway. I think she’s fishing to see how low I’ll go.

Dinner was a tasty dish of beans and ham hocks. Our nightly family TV viewing “Better Call Saul.” Later my daughter and husband completed a jigsaw puzzle of vintage films.

Day eight done.


  1. That icon is really beautiful. And I love your picture rails! What a great, easy way to display a rotating art show! My 1929 vintage apartment has the antique kind, running along just under the coved ceiling, and I hang my framed art from picture hooks suspended from the rails. I love how they give me the flexibility to switch things out without drilling any holes in the walls. But your shelf-type picture rails look even easier!

    I completely agree with you about focusing on gratitude as we live through this new reality, day by strange new day. Focusing on what we have to be thankful for is such a helpful, grounding practice in the face of uncertainty.

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    1. Adding the picture rails was one of the best decisions we made! So fun and easy to switch things up. I had friends in San Francisco who had the type of rails you do. What a fabulous architectural detail.

      Yes, keeping things in perspective and being grateful really is a help. ~ Karen


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