March 26, Day 10 of Shelter in Place

Day 9 was cloudy and rainy and my mood settled down around my ankles. I kept telling myself to do something, anything, but it was a struggle. I moped around all day.

But today, day 10, is sunny and I have a little more energy and an ever-so-slightly improved frame of mind—at least when I’m not dwelling on the fact that some people are still not taking social distancing seriously. A local hiking trail known as the Stanford Dish was jam packed with hikers and runners the other day, most whom were not giving any thought to their proximity to each other. Aaargh!!! What are they thinking?!

And remarkably one company is having an estate sale this weekend! They are only allowing four people in the house at a time, but still potentially there could be a large crowd waiting outside to get in. It all seems risky and unnecessary right now.

Spent hours sitting outside enjoying the sunlight, fresh air and bird song. So rejuvenating. Some of my rose bushes have buds now and should be in bloom by Easter. And my parsley and basil seedlings are doing well. The basil seeds are a mix of six different kinds.

One Etsy sale the other day and one today. Grateful for these orders in this difficult time. And found another item online–this one a vintage bronze 4” by 3” St. Dominic de Guzman icon for $15. These little bronze icons are sleepers and I keep an eye out for them. This nicely rendered German piece sells for $69 brand new so there’s money left in mine. He is the patron saint of astronomers.

Two of the items I bought earlier arrived in the mail the other day and I was delighted with both of them.

Love this large, heavy antique Chinese cloisonné censer. It has corrosion on the inside (which was disclosed) so I’m guessing it may have had a flower frog and water in it at some time or perhaps a plant. I rather like this patina of use. Looks great on my coffee table with a few vintage snapshots.

I am enjoying finding these online goodies but I need to spend more time on my death pile!

Dinner tonight was pasta with garlic, lemon, parmesan cheese and fresh cilantro from our garden. A light but tasty meal.

Day 10 done.

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