Where Does the Time Go??

Was looking at the calendar this morning in disbelief. December!!! Is it just me or does every year seem to go by a little faster?! And when I look back on this year I see a blur of ordinary days. I suppose that’s what real life is…a lot of ordinary days…eating, working, sleeping. But they were mostly good days…even the day I had oral surgery to deal with a painful infected tooth. I count that as a very good day!!

And of course the days I go out sourcing always carry a frisson of excitement never knowing what I will find. Love that rush of adrenaline. Truth be told my neighborhood thrift store has been tough picking lately and I am really looking forward to my next flea market in eight days. I have found some amazing items there and met some great folks. And sometime soon I’ll be exploring my eldest daughter’s favorite thrifting haunts on the other side of the bay!

A few thrift store finds…

Not finding much these days, but I did like this larger hand-painted tin ornament that I think possibly represents St. Lucia without the crown of candles. She is a fabulous piece of folk art painted on front and back. I’m hoping she finds a new home for this Christmas, but if not we’ll be enjoying her!

This large European woven tapestry wallhanging is not my kind of thing, but it’s quite nice with that “old world charm” look. But I am wondering if I made a mistake with this. Will it find a new home?

Now this numbered lithograph is right up my alley. It’s original, colorful, playful and nicely matted and framed.

Back at home I tried to find out about the artist Ploua (or Piloua) K. Ličeu. I tried a variety of spellings and searches and came up with nada. So I started looking up all the words in the artwork. Turns out they are Slovenian and tell a story of sorts!

  • kampa – where to
  • tja dalec – far way
  • kjer naju caka – where are we waiting
  • samaz njo grem tja – I’m going to be with her
  • svoboda – freedom

I did notice that is a boy figure at the top with hearts and a girl figure at the bottom with hearts–so perhaps this is about a love journey between Sauro and Ujo?

I’ll list this on Chairish for $225.

Recent sales…

For all my kvetching about sales, stuff is selling. Not at the rate I would like, but still it’s been okay.

Take these for example…a few months ago I was sorting through old recipe cards and realized these were now just gathering dust. I had received some at one of my bridal showers decades ago and others I inherited from my mother and grandmother. I picked out my favorites and came close to tossing the rest when I realized that some folks like this kind of ephemera. I put together a lot of 40 cards and they just sold. It’s both weird and wonderful knowing someone else will have these!

Sold for $20.

And one of my personal sterling silver trophies sold about a month after I listed it. The man who bought it told me it was a Christmas gift for his wife and sent me the sweetest message afterwards.

Sold for $375.

My recent solds represent a good mix of thrift store and flea market finds, along with personal items. I hope to eventually get back to more estate sales.

The small Hamilton pocket watch with sterling silver case (pictured above) was a score from many years ago. (I think from a nun’s estate.) It didn’t work and I could never get it open. Regardless I decided it was time to list it. Since some damage is not easily repairable I listed it for the low price of $30. Five minutes after listing it, someone sent me an offer of $20. I declined. (Geez Louise!) A few hours later someone else bought it for $30.

My first Steiff!

I am not into toys or plushes, but every now and then I see something that makes me smile and tugs at my heart. This small Steiff donkey was one such item.

I fell in love with this little guy because donkeys have played a part in my life for the last 30 years! Not a big part, but a sweet part. A block from our house is a park and on the edge of the park is some private land that a local builder generously set aside to house a few donkeys that needed a home. Over the decades we have visited often. The donkeys have changed over the years as some have died, but Perry is still there–perhaps the most famous donkey alive. He is the model for the donkey in the animated “Shrek” movies.” (Steiff even has a “Shrek” donkey!)

Hello Perry!

So it felt natural to fall in love with a little Steiff donkey. Mine is coming from Germany, circa 1950/60 and in good condition. (I paid $50 with shipping.) Look forward to his arrival.

In closing…

I’m going to try and slow down time, or at least my perception of it! Try to more fully enjoy life…even the ordinary days, but particularly now in this season of Advent.

Happy hunting,


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