Trying to Get My Mojo Back

This month the days start out chilly, and sometimes frosty and foggy, but by mid-day it’s sunny and in the 60s. So lovely even with many plants leafless and few blooms. I try to spend several hours outside every day gardening and reading. But still my frame of mind has been mostly in the dumpster. I know a lot of it has to do with my brother’s recent death, but also with some unkind things that were said to me recently that can’t be unsaid. Add on top of that other loved ones who are going through their own dramas and traumas and it’s kept me feeling low. Perhaps it’s time for me to do another mini-retreat! My favorite retreat center is just south of Carmel across from the ocean and it’s a fantastic place to get away from everything. Hmmm….something to think about!!

On the thrifting and antiquing front, it’s also been a bust. The few times I have gone out sourcing I’ve come home empty handed. I almost bought this artistan-made pottery pitcher for $7.79, but in the end put it back. It was nice and in my favorite slate-green color, but I thought it would linger a long time in my store.

And I also passed up a pair of House of Ishatvam enamel/rhinestone metal frames for $10. They were pretty, in good condition and certainly I could have listed them for $40 or so for the pair. But they didn’t wow me nor were they vintage or of great quality. (Now if they had been Jay Strongwater I would have done a happy dance.)

Clearing out the death piles

So my lack of finds (though I haven’t been trying too hard) has forced me to dig into my last death piles. Which is a good, still I miss finding good things out in the wild! Most of the remaining items are problem children–either I’ve come to a research dead end, the item needs repair/cleaning or it’s a low-value piece.

The last two days I’ve been tackling the low-value items, putting some in the donate bag as they are just not worth the effort, but listing those that are easy to store and ship and have a low shipping cost. Like my unlisted vintage sterling charms. (I think I have a good 100 or more to list!) Here are my recent additions…

And I finally listed these two vintage photography how-to books. The makeup one is rather fun as the tips are for 1930s makeup styles. I vaguely remember buying these about four years ago (!) at an estate sale.

I also listed a charming old poetry book (“A Book of Fireside Poems, 1937). For the life of me I can’t remember where or when I got it.

Books are not a huge seller for me, but as a bibliophile I can’t resist having a few in my store, and I did just sell a quirky old etiquette book.

From my personal items

Year ago I bought this antique brass Notes bank sign from another Etsy seller. It appealed to me because as a writer I am always scribbling down notes. I never did find a good place to hang or display it and have reluctantly listed it for sale.

A nice bit of architectural salvage. Listed at $175.

And this scarce Girl Scout scarf holder once belonged to my mother. Decided it was time to let someone else enjoy it.

Plugging away…

So I am plugging away. Trying to be a smidge productive and not spend too much time staring off into space!

Hope the new year has been kind to you so far and the thrifting gods are blessing you,



  1. Must be the time of year.
    I’m also purging items that were listed before but never sold. So, I have a lot of $5 items and a large charity bag for the Humane Society rummage sale

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  2. I’m sorry for the unkind things that were told to you and that loved ones are also going through a rough patch. It’s understandable that you feel low at this difficult time.

    On the bright side, well done on you girl for clearing that last pile! It’s not comparable to the hurt feelings, but at least is a little good thing.

    Perhaps the retreat is a good idea 🙂

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    1. Thanks Gabriella! Thankfully I am still getting some work done and it does feel good to be down to the last things in my death piles…except for my lab glass. Still have tons to list.

      I’m definitely thinking about checking into that retreat idea!

      All the best, Karen

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