Sourcing in My House!

Since I’ve been in no mood to be out and about I decided it was the perfect opportunity to keep culling more of my own collections and bits in our house. As I started looking I’ve often wondered where I fall on the scale between minimalism and maximalism! I hate clutter and disorganization, but I also have a passion for vintage and antique things and love to see them around. I love layered environments. (Not for me the one lone vase on a mantel.) But I also need some clear spaces and adore the feeling when excess stuff is gone. What a conundrum!

Which room appeals more to you? I’m somewhere between the two!

All this to say I’ve been walking around our house, gazing at shelves, opening closets and drawers and looking at things critically. And by golly I have found plenty of things that I can part with!

Here’s what I found so far…

I used to love wearing this sterling silver Miss America Pageant charm. Such a quirky bit of memorabilia. Circa 1957 this award charm was attached to this sterling toggle bracelet and I decided to separate the charm and the bracelet (a small 7″) and sell them individually for $48 each.

This inlaid wood box was a souvenir of mine from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London (one of my all-time favorite museums) bought back in the 1980s/1990s. (Not sure which trip.) While I have had this on my dresser for decades I’ve decided I can let it go.

As a bibliophile I have a ton of books and honestly most don’t have much resale value, but a few older ones do like this 1972 art book: “A Collection of Wonderful Things” by Beth Van Hoesen. It features her enchanting line drawings. I have no memory of when or where I got this, but I remember thinking it was fabulous…and it is!

I’ve also decided to let go of my 1999 “California Interiors” book which is inscribed and signed by the author. It’s a big coffee table book full of intriguing rooms.

I’ll list this for $30.

Now a few years ago I bought this amethyst pendant surrounded by freshwater pearls with a raw mogul diamond at the top. I adore it but haven’t worn it much as I gravitate towards wearing larger pieces and this is sweet and small. I believe it’s set in low-karat gold, but I’ll need to check.

I’ll likely list this around $125.

Years ago I bought two Kodak Brownie Camera glass ornaments in an after-Christmas sale at Sundance Catalog. I tucked them away in a cupboard above my fridge and forgot about them. Totally. They have never once adorned our Christmas tree. How sad is that?! Well, whilst looking through that cupboard I unearthed them and realized they need to find a new home! Recent sold comps have these selling for $30 to $50.

Nine years ago I bought this antique French game board chromolithograph print of chutes and ladders with cats, dogs and birds. I found a red frame that more or less fit it, but wasn’t satisfied so I tucked it behind my desk waiting for a better frame. And it’s sat there ever since! Time to let this go.

So without trying too hard I’ve found some great items. Mind you most of these things were bought at retail prices with no intention of selling them for a profit. Still I should make a profit on some. And selling these means I am not spending $$ right now on buying goods! I’m going to keep at it for a while.

Happy hunting,



  1. Surely the empty grey/beige room is not mine 😉
    Lovely pieces you unearthed in your home! I’m positive that they’ll soon find new homes!
    I’ve been listing some of mines too, although I don’t expect any quick sales

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  2. The game board is fabulous! We had some inlaid boxes around, I might still have one. My uncle was Egyptian, and my grandmother (his mother-in-law) visited and brought back things. I don’t like the busy rug in the left photo, but that right one would drive me crazy being too perfect, and with boring lack of color. I buy A LOT of thrift store art, so my walls are pretty much a crazy quilt!

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