Garage Sale Day…Yes Please!!

Every two years our city plans an official garage sale day but because of the pandemic, it had been four years since one had been held. When they announced one was in the works for this June, I let out a hallelujah! Typically I have done really well on this day finding all manner of interesting items–art, fabric, jewelry, books and crystal–for my online stores.

My eldest daughter and I do this thrifting adventure together and she came over bright and early so we could hit the road when the sales opened at 8:00 a.m. We had each selected a number of houses (out of the list of 230!) that we wanted to go based on the types of items they would be selling and we hit up others as we drove around.

I’ll be honest, the pickings didn’t seem as good as previous years. There was no one household that yielded gobs of stuff. It was a thing here, a thing there and plenty of yards where we didn’t buy anything! But I will say this, we met some of the nicest folks today. It felt like a gift.

So what did I buy? Here are a few highlights…

Our very first stop (they advertised antiques and flea market items) wasn’t even set up. No tables. No boxes. No people. Nothing. I guess they changed their minds???! So when we found our second sale we were delighted to find her set up and ready for business! I bought this HUGE silverplate ladle from her. It’s a handsome, well-made, Arts & Crafts-era piece. (Paid $3) I don’t suppose ladles are particularly popular these days, but I do find them ever so useful.

There is a maker’s mark and 100, which is a silverplate designation in Germany. Haven’t nailed down the maker yet. No idea on pricing.

My only bit of jewelry was this ornate vintage Lisner bracelet with thermoplastic “rocks” and tiny faux pearls and purple rhinestones. The plating is worn on the back, but otherwise it seems in fine fettle. (Paid $2)

I bought more books than I usually do (six altogether) including this 1962 “The Eating-in-Bed Cookbook.” It just seemed like good fun. (Paid $5)

This hefty 1977 “Illustrating Fashion” book by Eunice Sloane made me smile and reminded me of things my mom used to wear…except no real furs! (Paid $2)

I got two vintage Italian cookie/candy tins from two different sellers. This one was free! A bit beat up, but what amazing graphics. Reminds me of Cinderella.

I know NOTHING about tins but so far I’m not finding another like this online. It’s going to be an interesting one to research. Some tins can do surprisingly well.

I snapped up this 1960s/70s ceramic Carstens vase from Austria, complete with its sticker. (Paid $5) These type of vases are popular, but my youngest daughter thought the red squiggles looked like blood. Hmmm. Wonder if that will turn people off?!! Or maybe I should market it as a “gory vase”!

Our last stop was at a house just a few blocks from home. It had once been owned by a renowned “cat lady.” In fact years ago we adopted our sweet fluffy Penny from her. Well the cat lady died a few years ago and her family fixed up the little house and it sold and I met one of the new owners today at her garage sale. She was as charming as could be. In the end I bought this Assadeddine painting from her. She told me had been a gift from a friend who went to Africa and she had enjoyed it for many years. (Paid $20.) Isn’t it intriguing?!

Turns out is was painted by Mostapha Assadeddine–a Moroccan street vendor with a unique folk art style. I’ve only found one sold comp on Worthpoint.

But did find a current listing of a framed painting of his.

I picked up these wood blocks from her too because I thought they were quirky good fun and would be cute in my curio cubby thingy.

Turns out they are Fred and Friends “alternative” wood blocks by artist Christian Northeast and the company now longer makes them though they do make a popular1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of the blocks.

In October 2020 a set sold for $70! That gave me pause!

A current listing on Mercari.

Now mine are well used and not pristine by any stretch but I might list them after all, perhaps for $35 or so? (The seller threw them in for free with the painting.)

So just a few bits. I definitely didn’t fill up the car, but in retrospect I did find some interesting things and had a fun outing with my daughter. I treasure these times together. I know it’s quite possible she will move further afield one day (like I did) and we won’t be able to see each other as much.

Wishing you happy hunting,



  1. That is a nice paining, and really cute blocks! The city next to mine (closer to me than my city’s downtown) has yearly city-wide sales, and while there was none in 2020, it was small in 2021. I think people saved up until this year. Trouble was, while there were loads of sales, the prices were much too high at most of them. I only took $6 with me, and didn’t even spend that. (If I’d needed more my credit union was right near by!)


    1. Wow Lisa…so sorry to hear the prices were so high! I was thankful to find what I did this year. The painting and the blocks were such a wonderful way to end the thrifting day. It definitely was a tougher yard sale day than in previous years. XOXO


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