A Mixed Weekend

On Friday my youngest daughter asked if I could be at home to receive a package when she was at work. It was a valuable item that needed a signature. No problem.

I always have plenty to do at home and started in on a few items I’d bought for my store a long time ago but never listed. (Yes, a few more things from my death pile!) One was a vintage mahjong game I had bought from my dear friend Lisa years and years ago. It was out of my wheelhouse, but I liked it. I initially did some research but saw that prices for similar Met Game sets varied wildly. So I put it aside to do more research later. (Maybe you know how this is.)

“Later” turned into years. I’d see it and think “I need to deal with this” but not today.

Well today was (finally) that day. I started first by taking photos and realized the five wood and metal trays were worn and not appealing and a good portion of the plastic counters were missing.

But what was good, really good, were the vintage bakelite tiles. And to be honest, the money was in the tiles. So I made the decision to sell them on their own.

Jewelry makers use these tiles in bracelets and earrings and my price makes them less than $2 a tile. Okay, a bit more with shipping and tax, but still very reasonable. I could charge more (others do), but I’m ready for them to find a new home!! After all these years it was good to finally make a decision on this game.

This Victorian silver-plate napkin ring was one of a large group I bought from an eBay seller a couple of years ago. I kept the ones I wanted and have been slowly listing the others to recoup a bit of my cost. This one by Van Bergh (Rochester, NY) is a bit crudely made and the cupid looks like a young George Washington to me! Still someone may love him.

I wrote a blog post (January 2018) when I found this vintage large brass drinks tray (20″ long). Never would have thought it would take till August 2022 for me to finally list it. I mean honestly, how ridiculous is that?!! But it’s listed now and would be perfect for the holiday season. (Paid $10.)

So I am continuing to work at my death pile, though another reseller quipped that we should think of it as our “profit pile” which is better!

I tend to work on my store listings at our kitchen table, but after 11:00 a.m. I decided to switch to the living room to one of our comfy chairs and I saw the FedEx truck pull up. Ah, my daughter’s valuable delivery. Well I watched the driver get a very large package out with difficulty (turns out it was also very heavy). She dropped it by our mailbox by the street (yes, by the street), got back in the truck and zoomed off.

She didn’t bring it closer or ring our door bell to let me know it had arrived or have me sign for it. If I hadn’t seen her drop if off, I wouldn’t have known it was there and it would have been nicked for sure. (I don’t know how it is where you live, but here in Silicon Valley, package theft is up. Way up. Strangers also come onto private properties to “liberate” bicycles and catalytic converters…sometimes in broad daylight. As my dad says, “This is the world we live in.”)

So I hustled outside and, with effort, managed to drag the box into the house before someone stole it. I’m just relieved I had seen her drop it off. Still, it rankles because her action was irresponsible to say the least.

Later I calmed down. Nothing bad did happen after all. And the day ended rather nicely. I chatted a bit with a neighbor who’s a recent widow and struggling a bit (as one would expect), watched a movie with my family and had a few nice Etsy sales (cha-ching) before I went to bed with a book. And bonus, I escaped jury duty!

Saturday’s pizza with lots of healthy goodness.

Saturday dawned and I realized that now that I am semi-retired and self-employed, weekends don’t have the same thrill. One day is much like the next. And this Saturday I had committed myself to tidying up our garage. It’s the main storage area for my store inventory and shipping supplies and I have a plethora of boxes stacked willy nilly. Time to start breaking them down and storing them more compactly and reorganize a bit.

Thankfully later in the evening our eldest came over for a bit of gourmet pizza (cheese, basil, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes) before we went to last free concert of the summer–the Boys of Summer, an Eagles tribute band. I danced a tiny bit, but thoroughly enjoyed every bit. (Loved seeing you again Beth!)

Sunday was church and the chance to be with my amazing faith community. Also on Sunday my dear friend JoDee gave me some things (mostly inherited) that I can add to my Etsy store. Here are two of my favorites.

The small porcelain figurine is a Goebel piece (made in W. Germany, dated for 1960-1972) and has a Sacrart sticker. It’s of a young Jesus and lamb, though some say it’s a shepherd or angel, but the raised two fingers indicate “the two natures of Jesus, human and divine.” Wouldn’t it look sweet at Christmas with a bit of greenery or in a candle’s glow?

The metal pill box was made in Japan and has a porcelain insert. It’s likely 1950s/60s and by golly the insert is hand painted!! I checked under my jeweler’s loupe. What a charming thing!

So now the weekend is winding down. There have been highs, lows, some work and a bit of tedium, but mostly it has been good. And again I realize how blessed I am.

Take care friends and happy hunting,



  1. I love that napkin ring! Probably because it DOES look like Washington! I had no idea anyone would want the mahjong tiles. It does make sense though, since people craft with Scrabble tiles. My brother has my grandmother’s old one in the wood case, with drawers, and the tiles are bamboo and ivory. Not use they can be sold, being ivory. I guess they can, if they are antique and with some exemption. Easier not to!

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