The Best Laid Plans…Poof!

As I write this I should be enjoying a sunny view of the Pacific ocean just south of Carmel, CA, on a personal three-day retreat.

Monastery beach.
Missing their pretty garden with the
serene St Francis statue.

I had scheduled this retreat last December and have been counting the days for a while now. I make this time alone a combination of spiritual reflection/meditation and antiquing! In the evening I join the Sisters who run the center for dinner and lively conversation. In a word it is…fabulous. It is a gift I give myself.

But a few days before I was set to leave my eldest daughter and my husband both came home from business trips and both had been exposed to colleagues who turned out to have Covid. Oh dear. In my daughter’s case a few more of her co-workers have since reported getting it. On Tuesday I tested negative, but I realized I wasn’t comfortable going to the center and possibly bringing Covid with me! So I decided to cancel (and they were grateful when they heard why) and I will reschedule in March.

While I was disappointed I know I’ve done the right thing. Wednesday evening we all gathered as a family to watch our latest Netflix addiction “Physical 100”–a show where top Korean athletes of all fields compete. And there was a moment as we where cheering for our favorites and I thought how wonderful it was that my husband and I are here enjoying this show with our adult daughters!

But now it’s Thursdsay and I’m at loose ends.

Don’t get me wrong…I have plenty I could do. My bathroom needs attention. My garage is in total disarray. I have a long list of projects. BUT gosh I really, really, really wanted a break from all that.

Still this morning I did the typical things…I washed dishes, sorted through inventory, listed a few things in my Etsy store, cleaned the toilet. Then I thought “enough of that” and went to sit outside.

It is sunny and 60 degrees fahrenheit. There are dozens of little birds twittering in the bushes and our neighborhood murder of crows have been cawing and swooping between the bigger trees. I do not have a wonderful ocean view (or any view at all) and most of our plants are dormant and the yard is looking very woebegone, still it is a perfect kind of day to be outside.

This lovely camellia was given to me by my friend Lauri and the robust fern is from my friend Lisa.
Both plants will be treated to bigger pots and fresh soil this spring.

And I have a new “Victoria” magazine, my journal and a Thomas Merton book to get me started on a mini-retreat at home in our front yard!

Not the retreat I had planned. Still. Still I feel blessed. And so far we are all healthy!

Wishing you health and happy hunting,



  1. Here’s hoping none of them, or you, test positive. This in between time of year can be boring. Not warm enough to garden, weedy and muddy. You’ll get your spring a few weeks before I do though! I went to an estate sale Thursday. Huge and junky and collectible too. The prices were outrageously high, which is why several hours in there was unsold jadite, Fenton glass, and blow molds!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lisa. So far we are all healthy, which is a huge relief! 😁

      Sorry to hear about that janky estate sale. The last one I went to is now on their third sale and still only offering 30% off. They had nice things, but originally priced at antique-store prices. Sad really. They could have sold out in the first sale if they would have been more reasonable!


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