The Way It Was…

Isn’t it funny how something totally innocuous can bring up memories? A video on Montgomery Ward’s department stores popped up into my YouTube feed and even though I didn’t watch the video it sent me down a path of thinking about “Monkey Wards” and the mall which featured in my teen years.

I hated the slow death of our main street downtown, but loved going to our new glitzy mall south of town. It was where I bought my Swedish Bastad clogs every year and my 501 Levis and Jordache jeans. (I still wear this brand of clogs by the way and Levis!) All in all it was a good place to hang out, particularly in cold winter months.

The mall opened in 1971 and was dead by 2006. The building was eventually redeveloped and became a Super Walmart. 🥺 Sad really. This mall was the death knell for the small thriving downtown but would later itself disappear leaving the town with very few local shopping options.

But enough of this bittersweet trip down memory lane.

I’ve been keeping busy this week with the usual mix of little projects, including yard cleanup and listing, listing, listing. One of my best thrift store finds this week was a fun, fringed McFadin leather purse, handmade in Texas.

Turns out purses by Stacy and Laurie McFadin have a bit of a celebrity following. (And don’t ask me who these lovely gals are…I’m clueless, though one has Elle McPherson’s smile.)

Photo courtesy of McFadin.

McFadin leather purses retail in the $300-$400+ range. I’ve priced my gently pre-owned one at $125…though I’m tempted to keep it! Time to channel my inner cowgirl.

I also decided it was time to let go of more of my collections that were literally just being stored in boxes. What’s the point??! Like my vintage postcards. When I was much younger I inherited a batch of postcards from a great uncle and eventually I added to that collection. But the cards were never displayed and rarely looked at. So I’ve been slowly listing batches but decided it was time to be more aggressive. I put together this large lot of 41 linen postcards from the 1930s/1940s. All clean and postally unused. Many from California and Arizona with a few others thrown like Niagara Falls.

And I grouped these three WWI postcards together for the militaria collector.

I’ve also been looking at jewelry lots of mixed pieces that have been languishing in my Etsy store and decided to pull this small pretty piece from a lot and list it separately.

It really is a unique piece of Victorian carved mother of pearl with beautiful flash. Most stars are in round form, not as thick and many not as pretty.

So I’m plugging away. Not doing as much buying, but looking at what I already own and what’s not selling. Trying to rethink things.

Wishing you happy hunting in your neck of the woods,



  1. Yes, fringe purses! I had a reversible (suede to smooth leather) coat in that had fringe, and a belt too. We had a Monkey Wards too, it became Kohl’s. Not part of the main mall a few miles away. The mall is there, but in it’s heyday it was something. I think it was the first or biggest indoor one. Sun Valley in Concord, CA. Food court. Movie theater. Ice rink.
    How are post cards displayed when one has a lot? I don’t, but I did buy a lot of wonderful vintage prayer cards.

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  2. I still miss Montgomery Ward and the mall I spent so much time in when I was a teenager and young adult. It doesn’t exist anymore, but I still have my memories!
    I love old postcards and old photographs but I don’t know what to do with them. I’ll have to think of a way to display them or use them.
    I enjoy reading your posts. I’m overdue to post one myself. It’s been fun selling again but I’m just about ready to go picking!


    1. Same! It is weird knowing the mall of my teen years is gone. Actually so many of my childhood places are gone, along with too many family members. (Growing old is not easy.)
      Looking forward to reading more of your picking and selling posts!! Hugs, Karen

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