Let the Spring Decluttering Commence!

Now that the rain has finally ended in California (for a while) and the sun is back, my mood is greatly improved, and every day more plants are blossoming. Our apple tree (Ultra Dwarf Ambrosia Apple), really just a twig, is getting ready to burst forth. And more salvia flowers, like this Salvia greggii “Mirage Blue”, are opening to the delight of the hummingbirds.

But besides the good weather, I’ve been motivated to downsize and declutter because we are close to becoming empty nesters! Out eldest moved out a week ago and is thrilled to have her independence back! (Her move back home was just a temporary situation, but it stretched out a bit longer than we all anticipated!) And our youngest will be fully moved out in a week or so.

As more of their stuff leaves the house, the more I’ve wanted to let go of more of our own excess, unused, under-appreciated items. My husband is all for it and says “Let’s get rid of everything. Ha, ha, ha.” But in reality he doesn’t like letting go of things…or at least his things! I keep trying to convince him to let go of those dusty boots he hasn’t worn in a decade, those outdated suits and his old college textbooks mouldering in our garage, but so far it’s no dice! Hmmm.

I think that’s true for a lot of us. We hold onto things because we think we might need/want them one day. Or we think we’ll miss them when they’re gone. And usually neither is true. (Honestly!!)

Well, irregardless, I got started. First in our kitchen I pulled out random bits…a refrigerator container for a fridge we no longer own, some canning jars I don’t use and this Pyrex pie dish in a basket. This was a wedding present from a zillion years ago and to be honest I’ve only used it two or three times in all these decades. Can’t believe I’ve held onto it this long!

I’ve posted in my local Buy Nothing group to see if anyone wants me.

But more bittersweet to me was pulling out this box from a corner cupboard marked “china tea set” in my mother’s handwriting. (She has been deceased for 21 years now.)

This Japanese tea set was one my dad bought in Japan in the 1950s for his mother. Eventually it passed to my mother who never used it that I remember. So one year they brought it out to me. While I did unwrap the dessert plates and have used them, the rest of the set remains as my mother wrapped it over two decades ago. (For some reason she swaddled everything in plastic wrap!)

I have never used it (other than the plates) and know I never will. Nor have I ever displayed it. I’ve decided to donate the egg shell cups and saucers (one is damaged) and sell the teapot, creamer and sugar bowl. But it wasn’t an easy decision. I feel gripped by guilt (and a little sadness) even thinking about letting it go…but it’s time. (I will keep the dessert plates.)

They are not worth much despite their age and beauty. And sadly it turns out the teapot has some random paint spots, so I’ve listed just the sugar bowl and creamer ($40).

I moved onto our linen armoire and started ditching some old bed linens and towels. Those are always easy to discard. But this wall hanging/rug also in the armoire is a keeper. I bought this years ago from an eBay seller in Pakistan for $70 or so. It arrived wrapped in a piece of cloth with my address crudely handwritten in marker on the front, tied with string and posted with vast collection of stamps glued to it. I was surprised it made it to me on the other side of the world! I was happy to rediscover this. Now I need to find a place to permanently display it.

Keeping this!

So I’ve started. I’ve got a small growing pile to be donated or thrown out. I actually like decluttering but it can be emotional, especially for inherited and sentimental items, but I’m trying to be tough! Now if I can just stop my husband from pulling stuff from the pile!!

How about you? Any spring decluttering??



  1. I started rightsizing too and have set aside Mom’s (my mother-in-law) jewelry. Since we don’t have any deserving kid to pass it on to, I want to give it to my brother-in-law, whose daughter was Mom’s favorite granddaughter. Hubby looked at the pile and started saying, “you’re parting with this?” with a few of them. He said keep them and just pass it on to my side of the family. There’s more to this short story, but the gist is I agree about hubby pulling stuff out of my pile. Sometimes, I am adamant and close my donation box and firmly say DON’T LOOK AT WHAT’S IN THERE! because I know he’ll pull some stuff back out. 😊. (Then again, I must admit, sometimes I am guilty of doing the same thing)


  2. I’m guilty too! Though not as much now. (Glad you are keeping some of the jewelry!) Nowadays my husband asks, Why don’t you sell that instead of donating it? But honestly some things just aren’t worth the effort/fees to sell online.


    1. Very true. After I retired, i jumped into getting rid of most of my work clothes and did so selling it on fleabay, on top of my usual items I am selling on different platforms. Hubby kept saying it is not worth my while, however, my argument is it’s better than selling it a garage sale. I worked long hours (longer than my full time job). After wearing myself into a tizzy for 2 months, it hit me, yes, it is a little better, only a little better, than garage sale prices but the time spent on taking pictures, posting, answering questions all the way to shipping is not worth it. I won’t do that again! I will donate them before selling them online.

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  3. I’m also decluttering! I’m going through the attic and basement and making piles for sale–either my booth or an upcoming yard sale, and some things I’ll donate. My family has a yard sale almost every year. We make a party/family reunion out of it and they are so much fun! 🙂

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      1. I’m loving having a booth again! I’ve been selling a collection of vintage doors I’ve been hoarding for awhile. I know I’ve been lame about posting on my blog. I will take pictures and write soon. Happy decluttering and selling! 🙂


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