Life Goes On!

So for my birthday a few days ago my husband and I went out for Happy Hour. Something we rarely do. Sadly the place we wanted to go to (a new, small terrace bar on the roof of a local hotel) was already full and we were told they couldn’t serve us. After that we tried to choose another place, but for one reason or another we nixed all of them finally choosing a nearby wine bar called Vino Locale. We’d been there before and it’s just perfect–cozy, quiet enough to talk, with attentive staff and delicious nibbles and drinks.

We were tucked at the far left table in the Piano Lounge.
(Photo courtesy of Vino Locale.)

Later that night I got to choose the movie and selected an old favorite. All in all it was a pleasant day.

But on Thursday it was back to my normal routine–a post office run to drop off a few orders (and our taxes 😩) and then onto my neighborhood thrift store. It was a real joy running into my friend Lisa there (she is hosting an Easter dinner for 20!!) and chatting with the friendly new store manager. These little connections mean a lot to me. But surprisingly I also found a few gems. I thought for sure it’d be hitting a dry spell soon.

The zaniest thing I bought was an antique brass iron used in the 1800s. Back in the day a piece of cast iron would be heated up (or coals) and place inside this brass body and then used to press out wrinkles. Not a pleasant task I think! I had thought this was called a sad iron, but those are typically solid cast iron according to my research.

I know some of you may be thinking “Who the heck is going to buy that old relic?” But they do sell (proven by recent Worthpoint sales stats) and I have sold one before. Admittedly it’s a long-tail purchase but I couldn’t leave it behind. This is particularly pretty with all that piercing and it was so delicious finding a real antique at the thrift store.

And I spotted this small, vintage, tooled leather crossbody purse with a stone. What a neat, bo-ho item. Someone is going to love this.

Though this small vintage glazed ceramic ashtray is just a signed hobbyist piece, I was “yes, please!” I mean honestly, it is so pretty with its tree-like veins and would be perfect as a ring dish. So I’m giving it a try!

I’ll keep it till I find others to create a lot.

Total spent: $29.

On Saturday I headed out to my local flea market. It has been rained out all winter and I sorely missed it. Last month rain threatened so only a few vendors showed up. But today it was almost back to normal with a good number of sellers and buyers and I was in my element.

It was a delight just to walk around and look at all the bits and have some fun conversations with sellers. And I did buy a few things. I was going to do a second spin around the market, but I had a lunch date to get ready for!

This is my favorite find of the day…a vintage, hand-carved, ebony wood black Jesus crucifix (likely from Africa). Something about the simplicity and patina drew me in. The seller (a regular at the huge Alameda Flea Market) told me he’d had it up on his wall for over 20 years and finally decided to part with it. Glad he did. (Seemed a perfect find for Easter weekend.)

The same seller had this cut-to-clear cranberry glass vase and it’s a beauty. But I know nothing about pieces like this. Glass is one of my weak areas. He said it was likely Czech/Bohemian and late 1800s. And I agree about it being Bohemian but I’m not sure about the age. There are very similar pieces by Egermann, and I do believe this is one, but is it antique as the seller believes or say from the 1950s or even later? Hmmm. Makes it trickier to price.

Vintage first aid kits sell for me and this beat-up 1935 Bullard first aid kit appears to have 80% of its original contents!! Fantastic. I’ll get rid of the newer items to keep it authentic. I believe it served the military as there is an Army tourniquet.

It also came with interesting ephemera bits, like this 1932 Insta-Aid injury wheel. This alone sells for $10 to $20, with some currently listed for more.

I’lll list mine for $20.

I spotted a basket of trims and picked out one. Turns out they were $2 each. The seller told me he could do three for $5. Alrighty then!! Each appears to have considerable yardage (which I will need to measure!).

Total spent: $65. I paid up for most things. And to be honest, like most resellers, I want (and need!) to buy things on the cheap. But when folks have good stuff and I feel their quoted price is fair, I’m not going to be a ruthless negotiator. It’s only right they make money too and if I know I can still make a reasonable profit online I’m happy. That’s how I roll.

So all in all a good start to this year of my life!

Wishing you happy hunting,


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